Extech EX570 Review

The Extech EX570 is a high-end, heavy-duty meter built for harsh conditions. It has many features which allow it to be used in industrial environments and stand up against wear & tear, such as its infrared thermometer or CAT IV rating.
The Extech EX570 is perfect for testing electrical circuits with its high amperage measurements. It also has excellent resistance and capacitance ranges, so it will not only tell you if there’s an issue with your wires, but how big one is.

Main Features

● Large backlit display with bar graph
● Infrared laser thermometer
● Memory storage
● True RMS
● CAT III-1000V, CAT IV-600V
● DC accuracy from 0.06%
● Hold & Relative modes
● Min/Max/Average
● Auto power off
● Dimensions: 7.25″ (184mm) x 3.25″ (82.5mm) x 2.25″ (57mm)
● Weight: 12.3oz (349g)

In-depth Review of the Extech EX570

In-depth Review of the Extech EX570

Extech EX570A Professional True RMS Multimeter with 12 Functions and IR Thermometer


Lots of features

High current rating

High category rating

Infrared laser pointer

True RMS accuracy


Includes hanging strap

Good display

Good value


Continuity sluggish

The selector switch could be ‘tighter.’

The Extech EX570 multimeter is a well-protected meter that can withstand water and splash. It tests all the major scales, including voltage, current (current sense), resistance(re oscilloscope), capacitance & frequency, with standard checks for diode functions as well. The accuracy of this device makes it great to use in factory settings where pinpointing issues may be complex but not when you’re working on some new technology at your company: every detail matters.”
The EX570 is a versatile tool that can be used both for standard temperature inputs and remote readings. It includes an attached Type K thermocouple and built-in infrared camera to monitor plant equipment in case of excessive heat or HVAC work, respectively; its 30:1 distance/spot ratio makes it perfect at what they do.
The EX570 offers a wide range of modes to suit your needs. Whether you need Min/Max or Average data, Hold, and Peak hold buttons for quick analysis with no loss in recording over time and a relative mode that allows quick comparative measurements between two points on the scale – this is all available on one device.
The multiple positive features of this product include an easy-to-use backlit display, which also has bar graphs. It’s perfect for those who want more accurate measurements without having to do conversions between different systems or worry about accuracy! Plus, it’s True RMS, so you can take full advantage when measuring non-standard AC waves as electric motorsport uses them often.”
This product has an auto-off mode that kicks in after 15 minutes of non-use. If you want to save on battery life, disable this function.

Build Quality

The EX570 is a rugged multimeter that can withstand industrial usage. It has IP64-rated, double moulded housing and two sets of reasonably good quality test leads for when you need them most. The rotary selector switch may seem clunky compared with high-end devices but don’t fret because this rugged meter still offers great features like an audio tone indicator on its display screen, so even those without any knowledge will be able to tell if there’s electricity flowing through their circuit or not (or at least think they do).
With a large, backlit display and cups that can measure up to 40 thousand counts or 4 3/4 digits inaccuracy (399999), this device is perfect for those looking for an analogue reading of their battery’s voltage. Along with its sleek design come many other features, such as bar graphs, so you’ll always know what your car might need.

Safety Features

The Extech EX570 is a high-quality measure tool that can be used to test and rate voltage up through the 1000V range. It also has protection against CAT III and IV, which protects you from 8k volts of surge energy! The low side fuse is 500 ma for normal use or 10 amps on peak currents if necessary – these fuses will last longer than most other types because they’re made with HRC sand-filled cores instead.


The Extech EX570 is a rugged, True RMS meter meant for heavier work than your average multimeter. It’s good enough to be used by professionals in high-quality applications where more features are needed or desired. Still, it can also serve as an excellent DIY tool with easy readability and extraordinary temperature sensing abilities.

Alternatives: Other multimeters in the EX500 series include a standard 4,000 count meter and an even cheaper alternative from Amprobe. Other notable brands have their own multimeter options, with Fluke 87 being one option for those seeking more functionality without breaking your bank account – it’s about half price compared to what you would pay if purchased directly through them! Another brand whose products might be worth checking out includes Klein, which offers high-quality tools at affordable prices.

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