Extech MA145 Multimeter Review

Extech MA145 clamp meter is a great choice for those who need to measure both AC and DC voltage. It has an amp rating of up to 300A, making it ideal as well around the house or in DIY projects like wiring walls with electricity! The MA145 comes shipped from Extech with carry case cells included so you can get started right away if needed- no extra expense spent on batteries just yet (they’ll last longer than you might think).

Review of the Extech MA145

Extech MA145 True RMS 400A AC/DC Clamp Meter with NCV

Reasons To Buy

This Device Can measure DC as well as standard AC

Can Detect EF voltage

Nice and compact in Design

No leads to worry about

Well made

Reasonable in  price

Reasons To Buy

Limited use


Board quality could be better

Key Features

  • Compact jaw size (0.8″)
  • Zeroing for accurate measurements
  • Voltage detector
  • Auto sense
  • Low pass filter
  • Data ‘Smart’ hold
  • Auto power off
  • Carry case
  • Size: 2.4″ x 5.8″ x 1.2″
  • Weight: 4.9oz

This is a clamp-style multimeter that can measure amperage. You’ll see others out there with test leads and dials like those found on traditional meters, but this one also has additional features for higher testing levels of current – something not possible with just standard electricians’ tools.

The Extech MA145 is a great choice if you’re looking for an easy-to-use and more compact gauge that can measure up to 300A. It has no jaw size limit, so it will fit around any size cable or wire core – even though most users should be avoiding values less than 150mm² (single channel).

The amp’s controls have a professional and sleek look. From the dual central power button that also operates its backlight, to footswitches for selecting different functions such as low pass filter or hold signal – these amps are designed with your needs in mind! The MA145 struggles when accuracy is needed at low voltages/amperage signals but luckily there is still plenty more where this came from thanks to its wide range input capabilities ( up tp 150k Ohms).

The non-contact voltage detection system allows you to pick up AC voltages from 80V – 600V, so it’s perfect for mains and three phase supplies in both US & Europe. You won’t get an accurate reading on the display though; more like indication through beeps or dashes which fast signifies higher volts.

The Extech MA145 comes with an elegant and functional carry pouch that will make it easy for you to take this meter on your next adventure.

Build Quality

This clamp is a great way to measure volume and pressure in any project you’re working on. The interface has an elegant design that will make your projects come out perfectly!

The build quality of this product makes it stand up well against harsh conditions, making sure nothing gets damaged while being used outdoors or indoors – anywhere there’s sound coming from too loud sources like music equipment (although we wouldn’t recommend using them live).

Display:The large, easy to read display on the Extech MA145 is a great feature. It has 6k resolution and can update at two times per second which makes it perfect for any professional or enthusiast wanting accurate information in their workday! There are also several backlit indicators that let you know when your batteries are running low (or if over range) so there’s no guessing game here; just pure knowledge of Gainesville.”

Function and Performance

The humble multimeter is a tool that any professional should have in their arsenal. It doesn’t offer the most exciting features or statistics, but it does what you need without fail and can measure just about anything from voltage levels all the way down to Ohm’s law resistance values.

This multifunction device not only has a low pass filter (160Hz cut off), but it also includes an inrush mode to measure current drawn by starting motors with 5A detection and 100 ms sample window. There’s smart data hold as well, which automatically senses when power goes missing from your circuit so that none is lost.

The MA145 is a high-powered amp clamp, which means it can be safely left un fused. The category III rating makes this device CAT III at 600 volts–the same as most other amplifiers in its class.


The Extech MA145 is an ideal little meter for its intended use, and can measure AC or DC amperage. It has small jaws that allow you to get into tight spaces better – though it’s not suited towards heavy duty factory environments.

Alternative:There are so many great alternatives out there for you to choose from! The Klein Tools CL800 is a similar device that will also measure voltage, continuity and temperature. If this isn’t necessary in your work then consider checking out the cheaper Etekcity MSR-C600 which has been proven as one of their best sellers due its affordable price point without sacrificing quality or performance.