Fieldpiece HS35 Review

With the addition of auto-ranging, more comprehensive test ranges and better resolution to its features list, The HS35 from Fieldpiece is an excellent option for those looking into more advanced multimeters. Auto-ranging, more comprehensive test ranges and better resolution make the HS35 more valuable for professionals in every industry. It lacks a backlit display but has expandability through detachable heads that allow it to be used on various surfaces without issue or concern about damage from dropping. It might happen when carrying your tools with you everywhere like I do.

Main Features

● DC micro-amps
Amp clamp – affixes to the top
● Measures high temps (to 1,000 °F)
● Capacitance and frequency
● MIN/MAX mode
● Built-in hanger
● Auto power-off
● Detects AC voltage
● Rubber bumpers

Complete Fieldpiece HS35 Review

Fieldpiece HS35

Fieldpiece HS35 Expandable Manual Ranging Stick Multimeter for HVAC/R

Reasons To Buy


DC micro-amps range

One-handed testing

It Includes an amp clamp head

Extra heads available

Reasons To Avoid

No backlight

A bit twitchy on sensitive readings

Whether you’re an HVAC engineer, the HS30 line from Fieldpiece will make your life easier. This multimeter for temperatures up to 350°F (176 °C) and flame sensor checks can be done on all models in their range – including ones without battery power.
The most useful of all the scanners on this list has a lot going for it. Auto-ranging is so easy to work with, and there are manual ranges too. Plus, their more comprehensive test temperature range makes all those other ones seem tiny in comparison – up to 1000°F.

List of differences with the HS33:

  1. DC micro-amps
  2. Wider DC voltage range
  3. Much more comprehensive resistance range
  4. Wider temperature range
  5. Wider capacitance
  6. Includes frequency
  7. No diode test
  8. Better display with better resolution + bar graph
  9. PTC for increased input protection
  10. Auto/manual ranging

The lack of a display backlight is one drawback, but this Fieldpiece HS35 still has many features that make it great. The sensitivity can be an issue for some people, and there’s no ghost voltage eliminating the low impedance option available on the market now, either.
The HS30 series of heads by Fieldpiece is perfect for any technician looking to perform combustion checks on their engine. The included amp clamp clips are suitable for the top, making it easy and convenient to test different amperages! You can also find dual temperature options in this line as well if you need them – there’s plenty more than just these two types, though, so be sure not to limit yourself to what first appears before your eyes 😉

Build Quality

The latest addition to our range of professional multimeters is an ergonomic, thin and long design that fits your hand more easily than a standard one. The rugged ABS case will keep it safe from harm when you’re working outdoors or in harsh conditions where other electronics may not be able to withstand the pressure change.
The display of this product is an upgrade over the one found on its predecessor, with a 3999 count and no backlight. Additionally, it has a bar graph that can pick up faster-changing signals without turning towards your main screen too much when trying to break into specific frequencies like before.


With the Fieldpiece HS35, you’ll never have to worry about missing an essential measurement with its Max/Min mode. This lets users see high and low values for tests in real-time on their device’s screen while also providing other valuable features like an AC voltage detector as well.
The input protection suggests that the Cat-III, which is to 6kV. An inbuilt PTC increases safety when testing higher energies, and a specially designed container makes sure there are no dangerous voltage fluctuations.


The Fieldpiece HS35 takes care of all your HVAC needs with its easy-to-use features and high accuracy. If you’re looking for more advanced technology, consider the improved performance offered by select models in this line, such as microamps or auto-ranging capabilities that can be invaluable when troubleshooting complex problems onsite.

Alternative: The Fieldpiece HS36 is a monitor that features backlit screens and True RMS. It was more expensive, but it has all the bells and whistles.

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