Fieldpiece HS36 Review

There are many different types of digital multimeters on the market. This is why finding your perfect meter can be complex for those who choose HVAC work as their profession, and they often find themselves disappointed with what was chosen before them.”
But have you tried our Fieldpiece HS36 multimeter? If you’re an HVAC professional and looking for the perfect meter, this one won’t disappoint. We know that doesn’t exist, but we assure you it’s close to excellent.
When buying a multimeter, people often only look at what they need and forget about all of the other features. But don’t worry. There’s still plenty of perfection in this world for you; know that sometimes we can get caught up with making sure our instruments have every possible capability instead… which means less space goes toward actually using them (which makes sense because who has room on their desk or kitchen counter?).
A multimeter is a helpful tool for testing the three fundamental properties of electricity: voltage, resistance, and current. Some models come with additional functions that make them even more versatile, such as measuring frequency or temperature.

Fieldpiece HS36 Multimeter Basics

Fieldpiece HS36 Multimeter Basics

Fieldpiece HS36 Expandable Autoranging True RMS Stick Multimeter w/Backlight

Reasons To Buy



Easy to use

Ideal for dark places

Hands-Free mode


Reasons To Avoid

Bar graph feature that you may never use

HS36 Fieldpiece is the perfect tool for any job. This multimeter has enough features to meet your needs, and an industry-leading warranty backs it.
With its high-precision measurements and non-contact voltage detection, you can be sure that this multimeter will give accurate results and keep your safety in mind. It has several features that make it as precise for electric components like those on vintage cars to work without any problems.

Auto Ranging

The Auto Ranging feature of this multimeter makes it easier than ever to test for specific properties. In addition, the ability allows you to set yourself so that testing can be done quickly and with greater accuracy.
Measuring something manually is time-consuming and inaccurate. You can set up your scale for less hassle in the future or give everyone one automatic multimeter, which will be more cost effective.
You can accurately measure any electronic component with a multimeter with auto-ranging and accurate RMS scales. Additionally, these features prevent distortion of readings from ghosting or false positives on your device’s display when determining values such as resistance.”


The large LCD screen on the Hs36 fieldpiece meter multimeter makes it easy to view results when you are using one. The backlight also helps make everything look more explicit and visible in dim lighting conditions, which could come up during home repairs or inspections.
The backlight of this multimeter makes it easy to see in low light conditions and improves contrast when working outdoors. The bright blue led lights help improve the readability by giving off an analog feel that’s perfect for those who love using digital meters but still want some old-school qualities.

Ease of Use

Hs 36 fieldpiece meter is an easy-to-use device that will be appreciated by those who want their work done quickly and efficiently without dealing with complicated features.
This stick meter will make your life easier with its magnetic hanger and easy-to-use test leads. You can now work in hands-free mode with the ability to quickly check different parameters without having wires everywhere or being connected directly by electricity.

Non-Contact Voltage Testing

A multimeter is an excellent tool for testing voltage without touching the circuit or conducting. This makes it easier to use, safer, and more convenient than before.


The multimeter can test for different electrical properties ranging from capacitance to microamps. You’ll also be able to detect if a component has failed by checking its resistance and current levels and the usual voltage, dB/A noise level & digital display accuracy tests that we offer.

True RMS

True RMS reading is an excellent feature if you’re an audiophile. This lets you measure the continuous power going into your speaker from any amplifier, which will allow for more accurate measurements when it comes time to review music or test out different systems in general.


This tool allows you to measure the current flow in a heater’s diode during start-up and running modes.

Bar Graph

With a bar graph on the LCD, this field piece makes it easy to see how much electricity you use. It’s perfect for anyone who wants that old-fashioned feel of an analog multimeter.


The backlit display lets you see your machine’s measurements in dark places, which is excellent for anyone who works with their hands. It has an easy-to-wear wrist strap to be seen even when working on something small or large.

Who Can Use This Product?

The features of this product make it ideal for an electrician who offers HVAC/R services. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, something here will interest your business.


The Fieldpiece HS36 is an all-around field unit with a backlight and one-hand use. It has none of those pesky flaws that can ruin your day or week – it’s perfect for tight spaces.

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