The Fluke 115 Multimeter Review

The Fluke 115 is a great, everyday multimeter that will fit in the palm of your hand and be accurate enough for most people. It’s easy to use with helpful icons on screen so you don’t need years worth knowledge about electronics.

If you’re looking for the most affordable multimeter that still provides accurate readings, this is it! It’s got all of those features and more with a great price tag too.

The multimeter is a device used for measuring and checking the electrical current in an electrician’s work. This can be done with accurate results if they have reliable, top-of-mark instruments such as those made by Fluke! The 115 True RMS Digital Multimeter will let you know what voltage or resistance level there might currently exist on any circuit board that needs servicing; this includes AC Volts – which means it’s perfect whether working at home OR while traveling abroad (plus it doesn’t require batteries.

Fluke 115 Multimeter

Fluke 115 Multimeter

Fluke 115 Digital Multimeter, Measures AC/DC Voltage To 600 V and AC/DC Current to 10 A, Measures Resistance, Continuity, Frequency

Reasons To Avoid


Solid build quality

Durable and accurate

Large screen

True RMS

Auto Ranging

Track signal fluctuations

Auto power-off

Smooth, responsive bar graph display

Good continuity tester

Easy to access battery compartment

One-handed operation

Reasons To Avoid

 Slightly disappointing display

Lacks Touch Hold

The reliable 110 series continues with a new addition to the family, this time in an easy-to-use yet powerful form. The True RMS digital multimeter will have you accurate when it comes down measuring voltage or current while also providing other important functions such as resistance check between two points along its length among others things.

Fluke is a major US brand, producing high quality meters and other test devices. They have been in business since 1978 when they first started making pocket flamers for electricians to use on their job sites – now you can buy them online at Fluketesterstore.

The most accurate bench scale on the market is now available in a compact design. With its sliding calibration pans, it can measure up to 600V AC and DC with incredible precision for all your testing needs – continuous amperage up 10A or 40MΩ resistance at 50kHz frequency make this an invaluable tool you’ll want nearby.

Design & Build Quality

This multimeter is perfect for any professional who needs an affordable, reliable device with sleek design and high durability. With its compact size it can easily fit in your pocket or bag which makes this product highly portable while still being able to withstand rigorous use on site without issue.

The compact and lightweight construction of this device makes it easy to carry around in your pocket, toolkit or even kitchen draw. With the standard rotary input selector dial you can measure systems on-the go without sacrificing any function.


The Fluke 115 is perfect for professionals who need to troubleshoot electronics inside of buildings. With its large display screen, backlit feature and responsive bar graph underneath it’s easy enough even when working in low lighting conditions or with your hands full.

Sturdy Construction

With so many products on the market, it is important to buy a reliable multimeter. The product should have high-quality materials and be shock resistant for an electrician in your field work environment. You do not want this tool becoming obsolete every month since you will have no choice but spend money buying another one when something happens unexpectedly.”

Large white LED Backlight

With its large display, backlit screen and easy-to read design the fluke 115 multimeter is perfect for any professional or enthusiast looking to measure their voltage with pinpoint accuracy.

The one thing that makes this device so great? It has an LCD displaying unit which allows you view readings clearly from a distance as well as having brightness controls allowing it be used at night without problem.

Function and Performance

The nine position dial includes DC/AC volts and amps, millivolts, resistance (Ohms), diode check. The quick continuity of leads can be confirmed with a beeper while the function button extends usage to include frequency measurements for capacitance too.

This multimeter has all the connectivity you need. It includes a standard three-instrumentation jack, which are voltage input on one side and resistance or continuity tests across its two others; there’s also an amp slot for measuring small changes in current levels but it lacks any kind of milli/micro Amp socket—a common addition seen on other devices like meters that measure these utilities inside homes.


The Fluke 115 is a multimeter that will withstand whatever life throws your way. The durable case and holster offer excellent resistance to drops, general wear-and tear as well as humidity – from 14 degrees Fahrenheit up until 140 centigrade or 60 Celsius.

The charger features overload protection and an inline fuse ( accessible by removing three underside screws). Battery access is equally simple. The hard-wired terminals make installation easy, even if you don’t have any wiring experience.

Easy to use features

Proven to be among the best professional multimeters, this model is not only easy-to use but also provides accurate readings with its large display and backlit feature. With a simple design that makes it comfortable enough even when you’re working long hours on your project or repair job site.

Who is it Best Suited To?

The multimeter is a general purpose tool that can be used for most situations at home, in the field and light industry. While it’s ideal as a beginners’ electricians kit, technicians will find this secondary device more portable than other types with less functionality when testing electronic circuitry due to its lack of an amplified speaker or display screen which makes reading small print easier on your eyes without strain.


The Fluke 115 is one of the most popular multimeters for home owners and professionals alike. It’s accurate, rugged with an easy-to read display that makes it perfect to take on your next project whether you’re working in electrical engineering or just want something small enough so as not get overwhelmed by all those wires everywhere.

The MAP reading is an easy-to-use, compact design that has become one of the most popular meters in recent years. It’s standard functions make it perfect for any electrician looking to purchase property or work on private homes with circuit breakers – which means this will be your go-to tool.

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