Fluke 116 Multimeter Complete Review

This budget-friendly Fluke 116 multimeter is perfect for HVAC electricians. It can troubleshoot an array of heating and cooling faults, including flame sensor or capacitance issues that may arise in your system.

The device is made for professionals and trainees. It has auto-volts to troubleshoot boards with both AC and DC signals, as well a low impedance range that makes it easy on the eyes while still being reliable enough in most tasks! The size of this multimeter makes getting into tight spaces very convenient because you don’t need large tools or space around your work area anymore – just take out one little box if needed then put everything else away neatly behind closed doors.

Fluke 116 The Basics

The Fluke 116 is a great meter for professionals and hobbyists alike. However, it does have some features that may be unnecessary if you are only doing occasional testing around your house or work area with no other electrical jobs on the go – try finding something more affordable without all these extra options then.

The Fluke Company is known for producing high-quality equipment that delivers precise measurements. This multimeter can measure temperature, frequency and more – it’s safe to say this device has versatility! The sturdy design also makes sure you’re prepared no matter what conditions arise with its shock tested construction ensuring accuracy in every reading taken.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic design with thumb operation
  • Thermometer and micro-amps for HVAC tasks
  • Measures AC/DC voltage and millivolts
  • Measures resistance, continuity, capacitance, frequency
  • AUTO-V to detect voltage type
  • LoZ, anti-ghosting, low input impedance mode
  • Attractive screen with bar graph and backlight
  • Min/Max/Average and hold functions
  • Can manual-range as well as auto-range
  • CAT-III up to 600V safety rating
  • Size: 6.57″ (167mm) x 3.31″ (84mm) x 1.82″ (46mm)
  • Weight: 1.21lbs (550g)

In Depth Review of the Fluke 116

 Fluke 116

Fluke 116 HVAC Multimeter, Standard

Reasons To Buy


Precise and accurate


Good display

Easy to use

Reasons To Avoid

No on board amps

Auto ranging can be slow (manual ranging quicker)

Hold function is manual only

The Fluke 116 Multimeter is a powerful multimeter that can handle most scenarios an HVAC system might throw at it, including flame sensor faults and other various errors through its micro-amps range.

The Fluke 116 multimeter has an auto-ranging feature that chooses the best resolution for a given signal. You can also choose to use manual range mode and select your own appropriate ranges, which will speed up measurements even more.

With the Auto-V LoZ setting, you can easily distinguish between AC and DC voltages without having to switch between them. This feature also reduces your input impedance so that ghost voltage from other circuits won’t affect what’s being measured incorrectly due in part by this setup’s use of an LDO (low dropout) regulator along with high quality OpAmp signal processing chip able handle Any Frequency Threat while maintaining low noise levels outputting flawless accurate readings every time.

The built-in thermometer provides a modest range for most HVAC tasks and can be switched between Fahrenheit or centigrade. Though there is no amperage range (barring microamps), you could pick up an optional amp clamp probe to work with the meter’s voltage ranges instead.


The 116 is a budget-friendly meter with an easy to read 6000 count display. This analog looking device includes 32 segments representing full range reading which are given over for current value on bar graphs that doesn’t operate based on capacitance or temperature ranges but instead has backlit timer feature (40 seconds). When viewed at angles, it looks faded and lacks contrast compared other brands within this price range so if you’re going by appearances alone then maybe something cheaper would suit your needs better?

The Fluke 116 has a straightforward interface with few distractions. The only times you need to worry about different parameters is when selecting frequency (on AC volts), DC millivolts, diode test on the capacitance range position and micro-amps for measuring small signals like lightning strikes or muscle contractions! A row of buttons gives extra features such as MIN/MAX mode which comes in handy while troubleshooting electrical problems that may be present at either end if this is wonderful too.

Build Quality and Performance

When it comes to durability, the Fluke multimeter range is as tough or harder than any other brand. Made in China so that overhead costs can be kept low and prices still remain competitive with competitors’, these instruments have plenty of features for professionals who need them rugged – like being able to operate by thumb while held upside down inside an HVAC unit.

With a 9V battery, the device has a good life span. It can last up to 400 hours on one charge and even offers an auto sleep mode which kicks in after 20 minutes without usage for those who want their voice assistants listening but not interacting with them at all times.

Input Protection

With a high level of input surge protection, the Fluke 116 is one of their cheaper multimeters. It also comes equipped with safety features that protect you from chance power spikes or occurrences such as circuit breakers causing instant electric shock when in use on single phase circuits (post switchgear). The unit has been tested up to 6000V – enough for measuring three phase installations too.

When you invest in a high quality meter, the best case for it is to be protected by something rugged. This meter’s IP rating (intruder protection) stands at 42; which means that even if someone manages to break into this device and tries plunging their hand or some other object into its interior they will only get dust before being stopped by silicone leads with finger guards AND cap plugs ready at all times.

Best For

For HVAC technicians, electricians and other general purpose workers who need to monitor their charges on-the job this is a great permanent meter. Those into electronics work will also find benefit with the narrow resistance range but capacitance measurements only go up until 0pF (this isn’t so much an issue for most people).


With a review of the Fluke 116, we have an extremely capable and compact multimeter for HVAC tradesmen. It includes micro-amps to cover many tasks in your workdays; capacitance measuring range lets you calculate charge capacities if that’s something else on today’s menu! The frequency indicator is perfect too – no need to do math by hand anymore when it comes time crunching out some numbers from somewhere inside old equipment.

There are many great multimeters on the market, but if you want to get an all-round meter that will serve any professional properly then Fluke’s top of their line 87V is what should be bought.