Fluke 175 Multimeter Review

The Fluke 175 is the most rugged and versatile DMM for electricians. Built to stand up in industrial environments, it can also be used anywhere from your home down into garage or workshop settings with no problem. It will test everything from variable AC drives right through vehicle solenoids – even if you’re outside on some construction site where things may not always go according to plan due to weather conditions etc.,
The 77 Series IV is a True RMS device that can be more accurate than the 175, but it doesn’t have as many features. It’s better suited for motors and drives because of its ability to troubleshoot them manually; while with microamps, this would not work correctly due to interference from other devices on your circuit board or motherboard, which could cause problems down the line – so if you’re looking at either one make sure they match up well according to what type repair service will best suit your needs.


● True RMS AC accuracy
● AC/DC measurements of 1000V and 10A
● DC accuracy of 0.15%
● Measures resistance, capacitance, frequency
● Continuity and diode checker
● Manual/auto-ranging
● Manual/auto-hold
● 6,000-count display
● Rapid response bar graph
● Min/Max recording
● Ergonomic case and integral boot
● Closed case calibration
● Size: 7.3″ (185mm) x 3.5″ (90mm) x 1.7″ (43mm)
● Weight: 14.8oz (420g)

In-detail Review of the Fluke 175

In-detail Review of the Fluke 175

Fluke 175 ESFP True RMS Digital Multimeter

Reasons To Buy


Reliable and accurate

Very clear interface

Fast auto-ranging and continuity tests

Easy to recalibrate

Automatic ‘Touch’ hold

Nice styling

Reasons To Avoid

A separate purchase is needed for a case and hanger

No micro-amps

No backlight

The 175 is a step up from the 77 Series but not as accurate.
It’s close enough to be useful for most people looking at upgrading their watches and isn’t too expensive that you’ll feel discouraged when trying out other models on your quest towards becoming an expert time-watcher.
Its True RMS capability is the best part of this device. It can measure all types of waveforms accurately and comes with an adjustable AC filter to steady rapidly changing, noisy signals – making it perfect for diagnosing variable drive faults. In addition, you have Min/Max mode, which automatically records low values in a given measurement range and quickly calculates running averages between those two points, ensuring accuracy when determining what might be causing problems within your machinery or power network layout.
The auto-ranging speed of the 175 is pretty fast, as well as its continuity checker. This makes it perfect for those who don’t want to waste time switching over from manual range finding when their meter has no ‘Range’ function – which would be impossible with meters that take too long or are not very accurate in general.
Voltage and current have great ranges, as do frequency or capacitance. For example, there’s a 10dB range between 1Hz – 1000kHz with an accuracy of 2 parts per million on either side.


The 175 features a sleek design with clear buttons and dials and an easy-to-hold exterior. It also comes standard with 4-second display refresh rates that can show up in 1999 ohms or more. Finally, there is no backlight on this model, so you’ll need your lights turned down at night time – unless, of course, those pesky insects are bugging us again, we should shoot them quickly before they give me any problems.
The four input jacks at the bottom are marked with their lead designation, CAT rating, and fuse size.

Build Quality

The Fluke 175 has over-mold housing that is tough and sleek at the same time. The kickstand allows you to angle your device for easier use while protecting it from falls or other accidents during transportation. There’s easy access beneath this feature where batteries can be changed without tools.
The 170 Series is an engineering marvel, and it has been designed with a lot of durability in mind. These things will keep going even if you drop them from ladders, step on them or splash water over their surface.


This professional multimeter has a separate switch for every occasion. AC and DC voltage is easy to find with their position, as is the ability to show millivolts or amps on demand – not just volts! The rest of your needs can be met by this one tool that also includes resistance (and thus implies insulation), capacitance & diode tests, too; no need to reach out into other areas when all you wanted was some information about whether those two components have good connections at either end…
The four-button design of this model is easy to use with no confusing settings or inputs. The manual hold can be doubled up as an auto-hold, perfect for long jobs where you need your meter steady but don’t have time on hand! There’s also a backlit button, so even in low light conditions, all details are still visible without having any trouble reading what they say at a glance.”

Input Protection

The 175 is an excellent choice for those who need protection from overvoltage, spikes in the CAT III to 1000V range, and IV 600-800 volts. It also offers surge arrest with its 440 milliamps capacity fuses while supplies up to 11 amps if needed! These high-quality HRC devices are accessible by getting inside case closed doors openers or other parts that may break during installation but don’t worry because they’re UL/TUV tested models, so even though there’s some work involved on your end, no matter what type of contractor you hire this will be worth every penny spent when considering just how much safety equipment he has at hand protecting not only himself but all nearby clients as well.


The Fluke 175 is an excellent meter for electricians who want to measure true RMS. It has all of the features you would need, like markings showing how much current or voltage there is in your circuit, but what sets this apart from other multimeters? The lack-of display backlight makes reading measurements difficult in brightly lit areas where accuracy needs more attention than ever before – which may explain why they chose such an obvious design choice with its sleek lines and concave edges around each screen buffer indicator light.
The exception here is when we’re talking about temperature measuring tools by the company “Fluke.”

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