Review of the Fluke 179

This Fluke 179 is a high-accuracy meter that comes with extra functions. The True RMS DMM is perfect for troubleshooting in the industry or around the home. Thanks to its lifetime warranty, users can rest assured knowing they are getting one of today’s best general purpose multimeters.
The pro-level measuring tool is perfect for any professional who needs to ensure their measurements are accurate. Its durable build quality withstands most environments and has an easy-to-read 6k count display that makes using this device effortless. It also comes equipped with CAT IV voltage accuracy levels, so you can take all sorts of readings without worrying about whether they will result in insufficient data or not – put: if there’s anything we professionals need more than great instruments like these, then maybe our salaries might change.
This high-end multimeter offers a wide range of features not available in cheaper models. It also has Fluke’s well-known accuracy, making it perfect for professionals who require exceptional performance in their work and hobbyists willing to pay more so they don’t worry about replacing expensive equipment.

This tool allows you to quickly test all kinds of things while offering top-notch capabilities, which can only be found onboard higher-end products like these pleasure devices or specialized measuring instruments.

Key Features

● Voltage range up to 1000V
● The current range of 10A
● Milliamps and millivolts
● Capacitance and frequency
● Built-in temperature (°F, °C)
● Manual ranging and automatic ranging
● Touch Hold feature, plus manual hold
● Min/Max recording with the running average
● Easy recalibration (closed case)
● Size: 7.3″ x 3.5″ x 1.7″
● Weight: 14.8oz
● Lifetime warranty

Fluke 179

 Fluke 179

Fluke 179 ESFP True RMS Multimeter with Backlight and Temp

Reasons To Buy

Great accuracy

Temperature range (plus free probe)

Fast continuity checker and auto range

Nice backlit display

Both manual and auto-hold

Reasons To Avoid

Barring no micro-amps, there are a few cons, but it would be nice to get at least a case thrown in.

Multiple Measurements Plus True RMS Reading

This multimeter is capable of measuring AC and DC voltage up to 1000 volts and current. It also measures the resistance between 0 – 50 Mega ohm nodes, which can be displayed in American or European standard measures depending on your preference! This device isn’t just for professionals; it’s perfect if you want accurate readings without too many devices taking up space around the house as other bulky ones might do.
This multimeter offers accurate readings of AC voltage. Most cheaper models only measure averages, giving you an inaccurate reading on your power supply’s potential for failure or how much juice is left in its battery.

High Input Protection Ratings

This device is rated for CAT IV up to 600V and III 700 volts, meaning it can be used safely in a professional capacity. If you’re working on electrical panels or building power supplies, this multimeter has the safety features built-in, ensuring mistakes don’t cost anyone their life! It doesn’t take much electricity below 300W at inductive frequencies. Still, even 25 watts could kill someone if appropriately misused, so these high ratings guarantee protection against potential accidents while still allowing engineers plenty of flexibility when troubleshooting any problems with machinery.

It’s Expensive, But Warrantied for Life

This multimeter has a lifetime warranty! With so many great features, this is one high-priced tool you won’t want to miss out on. If your meter dies in use and they replace it without issue or question—you’re getting a free replacement from now onwards as long as that happens when their product line goes down (which should be after every few decades).

Fluke 179 Build Quality

The Fluke 179’s display is a step above the rest. It has an excellent backlight and sharp 6K+ digit count, making it easy to read even when you’re in lower ranges like three 5/6th digits! The bar graph underneath also gets updates fast with 40 per second rates, so your signals won’t be gone before they happen – good for unpredictable stuff going down at any time while being able to see what’s happening right now without having too much info overload one screen.
The Fluke 179 is one of the most popular models in America, with its Made-in-the USA credentials and excellent specifications. In addition to this quality product sold comes equipped with a limited lifetime warranty which will ensure your satisfaction.


The Fluke 179 review is an excellent meter for any professional with an electrical or HVAC background. It’s not as valuable for other fields, but it’ll still get you accurate and reliable results no matter what your project may require.

Alternatives: The Fluke 117 is great if you don’t need temperature measurements, but the 177 has everything this does, bar it’s compatible with milliamps. Otherwise, go for higher quality and more features.

Combo kit: You can score some fantastic deals on the 179 as a kit. These might include magnetic hangers, better quality silicone test leads, electronic probes, and clips for attaching to wires or hooking into ports–all available at lower prices than buying them separately.