Fluke 17b+ Multimeter Review

The Fluke 17B+ is a high-end multimeter with several improvements over the original, including an increased capacitance scale and better responsiveness. It also has temperature input for more accurate readings.
The Fluke diagnostic multimeter is an essential tool for any technician to have. It can measure voltage, current, and resistance. In addition, it comes with English instructions that can be a hard copy or online version, so you’re always up on what you’re doing.

Fluke 17B Plus

An Asian-made multimeter, the Fluke 17B+ is an upgrade of the 17B and a model up from the also remade 15B, the 15B+. It comes with several improvements over the original, including a larger capacitance scale, a Min/Max function, and better responsiveness. There is also a temperature input, which the 15B+ doesn’t have.

Note: This is a cheaper, Chinese-made Fluke multimeter; not as polished as your typical, American-made Fluke and not intended to be sold outside of China. It lacks refinement, and there’s no English hard manual.

Key Features

● Fluke brand
● Measures to 1000V, 10A
● Temperature input (to 400°C)
● Measures capacitance to 1000μF
● Duty cycle and frequency
● Min/Max and Relative modes
● Backlit (4,000-count) display
● Auto and manual ranging
● Weight: 1lb (455g)
● Dimensions: 7.2″ (183mm) x 3.6″ (91mm) x 1.9″ (49.5mm)

In-depth Review of the Fluke 17B+

In-depth Review of the Fluke 17B+

SSEYL FLUKE 17B+ Digital Multimeter F17B+

Reasons To Buy

Big brand name

Cheap for the money

Pretty accurate

Tough and reliable

Easy to use

Functions include Min/Max

Measures temp

Reasons To Avoid

Made in China (Chinese manual only)

No magnetic holder

Test leads to lower quality

Sluggish continuity / ranging

Fluke 17B+ is for those who want a good quality multimeter but don’t have the money. It works just like any other in this brand, though you won’t be getting superfast continuity or high levels of accuracy with it; however, they’re still very reliable and sturdy instruments that will serve their purpose well.
The 17B is a more responsive model than the 18G, with quicker-acting continuity checks and faster auto range time. It still lags behind standard Fluke on this score, including its slow response times for resistance or capacitance ranges.
This product has been designed to give fast readings instantly so that you don’t need to wait long periods before getting your results back.
With the new 10B meter, you can now measure 1000uf of capacitance. In addition to this, increased range and capability for monitoring signals with min/max modes will help pinpoint low or high spurts in your test signal over time!–the older 15blite+ has been improved upon as well: its compatibility across meters makes sure that all types are accessible no matter what type they may be (15 position analog versus digital).
Comparing and zeroing out resistance before measurements is an excellent feature for those who want more accurate results.
The17B+ is an improvement over its predecessor in almost every way, except size and weight. Though it’s heavier than before (and therefore harder to carry around), you’ll find that the new model weighs less because of being larger overall – which makes sense since they’re made from plastic instead metal like earlier models were.

What else?

This professional-looking device has all the standard ranges – voltage (1000V), amperage(10A down to 400μA), and resistance. It also features millivolts, amps, and microamps on separate switch positions and a Celsius degree display for capacitance or temperature reading which may irritate some imperial lovers but is still great overall.
The 17B+ is an average RMS measuring device instead of valid, which can be helpful for more accurate measurements of AC drives and voltage systems etc.

What’s with the manual?

The 17B Plus is a great multimeter for beginners and experts alike. The 15B meter was designed to be used in China, where they have their own set of rules that need to be followed, which can make life easier if you know how to read Chinese or English, respectively. Most people won’t get stuck by reading this manual as there are plenty of tutorials online, at least until we write one ourselves ;).

Build Quality

The Fluke 17B+ multimeter has an overall good build quality. It feels sturdy and will take some abuse, such as drops or bangs, to its robust case, trademarked yellow with its logo missing on top of it being tilting bail kickstand capable (kickstools). The circuit board was upgraded from before, but they still use PVC test leads. Instead, you can’t have everything at once, so here’s hoping someone builds them out metal ones soon.
The display on this watch is large and backlit. However, it does not have the clarity of an American-made Fluke. It provides a 4000 count resolution that aligns with its price range competitors.

Function and Performance

If you need a quick and easy meter to use, this might not be the one for your line. While other brands may beat it on speed or being timely with their readings (though they won’t have as good of an accuracy), there are some sacrifices made when choosing such an instrument: Linemen should go ahead and get something more costly if possible since those features matter most in terms of quality; also remember capacitance takes time? So make sure all factors involved–price range etc.!–are considered before buying anything.
The Fluke 17B+ is a multifunctional multimeter that can easily measure the voltage across various ranges. It’s simple enough for any novice electrician to use, but it also has more features than other models on the market.

Safety Protection

The new design of the circuit board is more durable and offers better protection. It includes high-quality fuses that can withstand up to 11A or 440 decades, making them suitable for checking most systems behind switching gear in building installations with CAT III protected meters like ours.


The Fluke 17B+ digital multimeter is an excellent buy for those looking to get started in electrical testing. It’s affordable and has received mostly positive feedback from users and testers alike with its value-for-money price tag that you can’t go wrong if this sounds good enough! One downside may be the speed, but it does come equipped as well, so don’t worry too much about being able to do every test right away due to your lack of experience – take deep breaths when needed because patience will win out eventually .

Alternatively: If you’re looking for a less expensive alternative to this more advanced Fluke, consider the 110 series. These are also manufactured in China but have some features that may interest someone like yourself who wants a more accessible time verifying their measurements with fewer functions- perfect.

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