Fluke 287 Multimeter Review

The large Fluke 287 is the go-to meter for many of your niche needs. It has all of them, but without some popular features like low input impedances and lo ohms settings – which makes it perfect if you’re looking to measure motors accurately.
The Fluke 287 is more than just a multimeter; it’s also an RMS meter and trend collector. With its large display screen filled with data, you can see everything that goes into making up your electricity bill – volts/amps usage by the hour or day; temperature fluctuations over time.

Key Features

● Full range True RMS multimeter, including:
– current to 20A for the 30s
– capacitance from 1nF
– temperature (with separate probe)
● Data logging up to 15,000 events over time
● TrendCapture with zoom to pick anomalies
● Large 50,000-count, backlit, ¼ VGA display
● DC accuracy: 0.025%
● Real-time clock for time-stamping
● Min/Max and peak capture modes
● Smoothing mode to steady noisy signals
● Relative mode to zero leads
● Compatible with Fluke Connect
● Limited lifetime warranty
● Size: 8.7″ (222mm) x 4″ (102mm) in x 2.4″ (60mm)
● Weight: ~30oz (870g)

Detailed Review of the Fluke 287

Detailed Review of the Fluke 287

Fluke 287 True-RMS Electronics Logging Multimeter

Reason to Buy

True RMS meter with full ranges

Large display with readouts

Advanced Min/Max and peak max mode

Good capacitance range

Fast and accurate response time

Excellent auto-range function with high resolution

High-quality input protection (to 8kV)

Excellent probes with tip guards

Reason to Avoid

Have to fork out for the Fluke Connect adapter

No compulsory temp probe

Batteries could be better

The 287 is an excellent device for capturing data from minutes to hours and even days. It comes with an accurate real-time clock, Min/Max add-on that can log intervals or events, and graphs through Trend Collector, which allows you to export your information onto the phone via its infrared optical out on top of the unit.
The Fluke 287 non-contact thermometer is an excellent option for those looking to take their measurements without having any technical knowledge. With its user-friendly interface, there’s no need to worry about how this thing works because it’ll be right at your fingertips with every setting imaginable right in front of you on one screen! You also get all kinds of graphs and charts that will allow anyone who sees them to know precisely what temperature ranges are being measured so they can keep an eye out when temperatures start going up or down outside according to our environment lately?
Because of its easy connectivity, Fluke View allows you to save and analyze your data in professional documents. However, some drawbacks include paying an extra fee for the adaptor that transfers it or using their software, which has limited features but still sits nicely alongside other programs on one’s computer system.
The True-RMS multimeter is an excellent tool for measuring nonlinear loads accurately and has an impressive range of measurements. Both AC and DC voltage can go up to 1000V, amperage 20A (in short bursts) with resistances ranging from 0 Confederates per million down t o1e+/- 10% accuracy.
This high-quality meter with excellent input protection and is certified by bonafide associations. It has fast auto-ranging, good battery life (up to 200 hours), can be used on different scales/speed modes, and has an adjustable AC filter that helps smoothen out signals when needed.


The large, high-resolution display on the287 makes it an excellent watch for monitoring many different data types. It can show you live readings and three other values such as voltage and frequency; if that’s not enough versatility, then there are also options to display AC+DC or even just DC coupled with an interference signal from your phone.
This display has a highly responsive bar graph and can be used in standard mode with four hotkeys (F1 through F4). The battery life is average, but it’s worse when the two-stage backlight feature is turned on.

Build Quality, Protection

This Fluke Detonator model has an integrated holster, but it can’t be removed. This is because of the bail, which holds all six AA batteries and two HRC fuses within its circuit board-Isolating them from potential dangers like shorting out or leaking electricity.
The fuse is a high-tech device rated to protect machinery against lightning strikes and voltage surges. It can withstand 8kV of overhead, meaning it’s safe for use in areas where there might be an atmosphere capable enough (or charged)to create such energies! The meter also comes equipped with safety features like overcurrent protection that kicks on when necessary; this helps prevent fires caused by short circuits or other malfunctions occurring near electrical wires.

Differences with the 289

The 289 has all of the extraordinary qualities you would want in a volt Ohm’s meter, including some extra goodies. With an input impedance low enough to avoid ghosting and ohms detection while still providing accurate readings for your motors’ resistance levels at any given time – this device will be sure not to let down.


The Fluke 287 is a game-changer for any professional who needs to monitor their work area. This device has all of the tools you could ask for, including an array that will capture actual events over long periods with great precision and range! It comes equipped with excellent metering capabilities and allows users easy sharing options via non-contact infrared eyes or wirelessly through Bluetooth connectivity.

The Fluke 289 is a great meter that covers most of your bases. It’s got all the bells and whistles you could need at an affordable price, which makes it worth buying even if there are some extra fees involved with using them.

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