Fluke 325 Clamp Multimeter Review

The Fluke 325 review is a thorough and detailed analysis of this durable multimeter. It’s perfect for anyone who wants access, whether they are an enthusiast or professional in their field. This device will give you all the information needed about what it sees when testing various things, from electrical wires up against different materials like metal plates (which helps diagnose lightning damage).
If you’re a professional looking for an affordable but accurate and fast digital multimeter, then consider getting the Fluke 325. Offered alongside two other models in its 323 True-RMS series and another one called 324 (which isn’t quite as advanced), this device by far has been proven to meet all your needs when measuring things like voltage or resistance with ease.
Fluke is a world-renowned company that specializes in electrical testing and maintenance. They’ve been doing it for what seems like forever, which means they know their stuff! This Fluke 325 review will take an objective look at this valuable tool from every possible angle – its key features; pros/cons list (there’s always some quite negative thing going on); plus everything else you need to know before buying one for yourself or someone else as gifts.

Main Features

● Measures AC/DC current to 400A
● AC/DC voltage to 600V
● Resistance to 40kΩ
● Capacitance and frequency
● Continuity
● Temperature input
● True RMS response
● CAT-IV safety rating
● Slim & ergonomic
● Min/Max and screen hold
● Size: 8.15″ (207mm) x 2.95″ (75mm) x 1.34″ (34mm)
● Max core size: 1.18″ (30mm)
● Weight: 10oz (283g)

In-detail Review of the Fluke 325

In-detail Review of the Fluke 325
Fluke 325 Clamp Multimeter

Fluke 325 Clamp Multimeter AC-DC TRMS

Reasons To Buy

Can measure AC/DC current up to 400

Offers hold functions along with many different other functions.

Display with a backlight along with an ergonomic design

CAT IV safety rating.

Easy to carry and use due to its compact body

It comes with a soft carrying case

Less erroneous readings with the TRMS.

Reasons To Avoid

The clamp cannot test more than one wires

Resolution of display could be improved

The 325 is the best choice if you need to measure current and voltage in AC or DC environments. It has all of its predecessor’s capabilities and measures temperature without loss because it can handle higher frequencies than other models on this list do! The extra functions make for more versatile tooling – which means less room required during installation projects at home or work site.
This device is ideal if you need to know the current draw or continuity in switches. There are two amperage ranges for accurate measurements of your home wiring. It’s also beneficial when checking automotive systems such as starters and lights- it can measure up both capacitance (for ensuring good connections) plus temperature, so there will be no surprises during those HVAC jobs around town.”
The Fluke 325 is an excellent tool for electricians and mechanics alike. It has standard 30mm jaws, which are perfect for picking up screws or other small objects; true RMS capabilities let you measure non-standard waveforms like those found in industrial equipment (like motors). DC amperage can be measured below 100mA thanks to its built-in meter.
The included thermocouple (which plugs into the same jack sockets) is a little under 3ft, and the display can read in Fahrenheit or Celsius. You also get backlit screens, where lower models don’t have this feature! Modes include Min/Max for recording low readings during the cooking time and data hold – perfect to see what your food was heated to without having any evidence left behind on screen after using these features.
For a clamp meter and thermocouple, the accuracy is okay for most electrical tasks. Along with included soft carry case, it also comes free of charge with online access to the complete manual (see above).

Build Quality

The Fluke 325 is a high-quality meter with more features than most other meters on the market. It provides clear readouts with a large font size easy to understanding symbols for things like amps or volts (no more guessing at what exponential means), And it even comes in four different colors. This makes determining whether you’re getting good old fashioned resistance measurements rather than some rays nary fairy tale when your power goes out because these bad boys come equipped not just as an ohm reader but also phaser/ammeter alongside thermocouples, which means they’ll measure both current AND temperature simultaneously. Hence, there’s no need anymore to wonder.


The 4000-count display of the amp clamp meter is not known for being hi res, but it can still measure down to 0.01A and has a backlight that makes up some lost ground with other comparable models such as Klein CL 1000, which only offers an 800 count panel.

Function and Performance

The auto-ranging device is okay for this type of meter, but it does have some limitations. The speed at which the range finder moves from one end to another can be slow depending on your needs and what setting you’re using; however, if continuity mode sounds an alarm quickly after making contact with metal or other objects, then there will always remain enough time before damage becomes irreversible.


Working with the Fluke 325 is a safe and easy experience. The device offers CAT-IV protection at 300V, which means you can work on building source voltage (to 200 volts) without any worries of getting shocked; however, there are still risks involved if your circuit breaker doesn’t trip or surge more than 6k volts–but these dangers will be minimized by using an isolation transformer before starting work.


The Fluke 325 True RMS ac voltage provides accurate measurements, perfect for professionals. It can handle non-linear signals and will never give wrong values if you’re using it with precision tools like power supplies or linear meters.

Intuitive User-interface

With a digital multimeter, you will easily measure voltage and current. This device has an easy interface with well-labeled buttons that simplify it for beginners like me. All port names are also clearly marked, so even if I don’t remember what specific things do now, referring back would yield results quickly enough, thanks to this very readable manual (which is always handy).

Resistance Range

When working with electronics, it’s essential to know the range of your multimeter. The Fluke 325 has a resistance OF – 400 Ω and can measure voltage/current levels accurately up until its maximum capacity if you’re not careful.

Who is best suited for the Fluke 325 Clamp Meter?

This multimeter is perfect for professionals who need to measure currents up to 400A. It’s slightly more costly than most basic DMM, but if you’re into HVAC service work or are an electrician at heart, this device will make your life much easier.


Fluke 325 is a durable and reliable tool that commercial or residential electricians can use for many years. It comes with a soft case to be protected from its surroundings and is lightweight enough to fit well in your palm while still holding up against any task without fail.
Fluke 325 is a True RMS voltmeter that provides technicians and electricians confidence in their measurements. The features of this device make it perfect for testing at both commercial levels or day-to-day use, making sure you never have an inaccurate reading again.
The Fluke 325 is an excellent tool for anyone who works with electrical systems and has to handle low voltage testing. It makes it easy to detect problems that could lead your business down the path of ruin, so make sure you buy one today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I adjust the current from a range of 40A to 400A for both AC and DC?

The Fluke 325 digital multimeter is an attractive choice for measuring voltage and resistance, as it automatically selects the range between 40A-400A. You can also use this tool to measure amps with one button press.

Question: Why does the multimeter not go to zero while in the AC volt mode?

True-RMS AC digital multimeters are the best way to measure voltage, current, and many other parameters. They will not show any Xeroxed reading when used with all ranges covered but if you exceed their minimum specifications, then be aware that it can State accuracy requirements in your user manual.

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