Fluke 77-IV Digital Multimeter Review

The Fluke 77 version 4 is a perfect tool for electricians and auto engineers. With its robust functionality, easy-to-use design that’s durable enough to withstand anything life throws at it – this meter will be your best friend on the job.

The 77-IV is a workhorse of an instrument that can be held comfortably in one hand and comes with enough accuracy for most tasks. However, it’s not great at electronics making its best-suited to general purpose use rather than electrical engineering or other similar fields where precision may matter more than anything else – though even then you’ll still want something better if the task requires superior performance from your toolkit.

This Fluke 77-IV review provides an in-depth look at the tool’s functions, including Touch Hold® and accuracy levels. It also discusses its build quality as well as input protection from electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Key Features

  • Very clean interface
  • Large backlit display with bar graph
  • Average RMS responding
  • Amps / milliamps ranges
  • Capacitance / frequency ranges
  • Millivolts range
  • Auto/manual ranging
  • Auto hold feature
  • Min/Max mode
  • CATIII and CAT IV rated
  • Size: 7.3″ (185mm) x 3.5″ (90mm) x 1.7″ (43mm)
  • Weight: 14.8oz (420g)

Review of the Fluke 77-IV

Fluke 77-IV Digital Multimeter, Yellow

Reasons To Buy

Reliable and accurate

Great build quality

Separate voltage ranges

Fast auto ranging and continuity check

Responsive display and bar graph

Battery compartment

Auto hold

Nice size

Looks good

Reasons To Avoid

No micro-amps

Average RMS response

No separate fuse compartment

The 77-IV is an improvement over previous series meters with more functions, speed and accuracy. Although it doesn’t have the same level of measurement precision as other multimeters in its family members—177u or 500V–this affordable model still performs well enough for most technicians’ needs.

This meter is perfect for electronics work because it has a separate range position to measure volts, amps and millivolts. It also comes with capacitance so you can use this measuring tool in your experiments without worrying about disrupting any other parts that may be sensitive! The only downside? There aren’t micro-amp measurements here – but who uses those anyway…?

The durable 77-IV is CAT rated to III at 1000 volts and can be used in both AC or DC ranges. Its large display makes it easy-to use, no matter where you are.

The FH 77-IV is a versatile power meter that can be used to measure up to 10A continuously (20A temporarily), with high accuracy and Responding DC volts having basic ±0.3%. It also comes equipped with Fluke’s patented Auto HOLD feature which locks data automatically when running Continuously or Pulses , as well as Min/ Max /Average mode for capturing values during fluctuations in Signals.

Ergonomic Design

The Fluke 77-IV review is a thorough look at this durable, well-built device. Inside and out it’s sleek design offers excellent protection for any job you have ahead of yourself with its ergonomic overmolded body that improves grip while still maintaining good looks. Most multimeters today come equipped with removable boots but unfortunately these aren’t as perfect when compared side by side against other models available on the market right now – which makes us wish all meters had such an option instead (or maybe even just our old fashioned type).

The Fluke 77-IV is a lightweight, well made multimeter that can fit in your pocket. It has some great features like being portable and compact enough for any toolbox so you never leave home without it.

On a similar note, you can also buy an optional magnetic hanger that helps keep the unit in one place and sticks it to metal for easy access.

Function and Performance

The Fluke meters are some of the most durable and accurate on earth, with models that date back to 1980 still going strong. These professional tools will make sure you never again have an issue in your work environment.

With a 400 hour battery life on the Fluke 77-IV, it’s easy to get through an entire work shift without having to worry about your instruments! You can also reduce this time by 50% with sleep mode and auto power-off features.

Display and Interface

How could you go wrong with such a simple and easy-to-follow instrument? The dials are straightforward, having just two functions per position. Plus the input jacks make it even more decipherable.

With a display that can show numbers up to 6000 counts and an updated bar graph every 32nd of second, this meter is perfect for fast changing signals. It also features large digits so you don’t have any trouble seeing what’s going on with your signal.


The Fluke 77 is rated to category IV @600V and III @1000 volts. The current ranges are protected by 1000 VRC fuses which ensure your safety in case of a catastrophic failure; they’re more expensive than glass ones but offer better protection! It also sports solid input protection consisting mostly Current Shunts (which act like Electricity protectors) powered by Resolvers + MOVs culminating into Over voltage surge protectors that can withstand 8kV on top.


When it comes to the Fluke 77-IV multimeter, there are a variety of uses for electricians and other professionals. This device can handle faults on household wiring as well as troubleshooting HVAC systems that deal with power levels from low-to high range adjustments in both heating/cooling units along with industrial plants where maintenance must be done often but not necessarily by an expert – which makes this meter perfect even if you’re trying your hand at automotive repairs.

Bottom Line: With a sturdy design and great input protection, this Fluke is built to last. With its high cost-to-quality ratio it may be difficult for some people who are looking at other cheaper alternatives but if you want the best of both worlds then look no further.