Fluke Networks MicroMapper Review

The Fluke Networks MicroMapper is a simple device that checks for continuity to reveal shorts, open circuits and more. With its RJ45-terminated cables test ability it’s perfect whether you need testing of shielded or unshielded cablers in your network closet.

This handy little device can be used by anyone from electricians and networking students to data coms engineers. It’s got all the features you need without taking up too much space in your toolkit.

Detailed Review of the Fluke Networks MicroMapper

Fluke Networks MT-8200-49A Copper Tester

Reasons To Buy

Has Simple interface

It’s Fluke product

Has Built-in toner

Small and reliable Device

Can Measures circuits to 200m

Uses AAA batteries

Has Low battery indication

Reasons To Avoid

Quite pricey

Relatively cheaply made

No case

The Fluke Networks MT-8200 is an essential tool for technicians of all levels. It not only verifies the integrity and quality assurance during installation, but also helps service providers identify any problems with their cables before they arise.

The MicroMapper’s remote unit is a nifty little addition that allows you to disconnect your cables and test them at the other end.

How it Work: When you purchase the Fluke MicroMapper, one end of an Ethernet cable is plugged into its bottom. This allows it to be connected with other devices such as your remote testing device and computer that has been set up for this purpose in advance by software provided free on their website (or through a third party). A button located at either end sends signal voltage down each successive pair which will illuminate green lights when complete; red if something goes wrong – showing exactly where any problems may lie.

Fault tracing is a costly process, with the minimum length for detection being two feet. Extension up to 650 ft (200m) can be achieved using twisted pairs; however this will only measure continuity and not distance from fault which could make tacking on extra costs if you were looking at hiring someone like an experienced electrician or cable installer who has experience in doing these types of jobs themselves.

The MicroMapper’s tone generator is like having an extra set of hands when tracking cables. It works alongside probes, such as the IntelliTone Pro Toner that help find installed wires for easier installation.

These are just a few of the drawbacks that users have mentioned. For example, they say there’s not much consistency between devices or instructions were hard to find and user friendly-although these issues don’t seem too serious in comparison with other considerations like price.


The Green LEDs on the front of these handy testers indicate pair type being tested and cable integrity. It can test up to four pairs – 1-2, 3 -4 ,5-6 7 8 — along with shielding . A green LED shines to confirm all’s good; if it flashes then there may be a fault which will show in one color (for example red) depending upon what’s wrong ei Reverse Test Pressing buttons performs these various actions.

This device not only has the ability to map out your network, but also features a low battery LED and toner light. In addition there’s an auto sleep mode that helps preserve valuable juice when you’re not using it.

Build Quality

The Fluke networks MicroMapper, with its high-quality construction and warranty reflects the top brand name. This device is not as substantial though it has been tendered out to save on costs which can be picked up from other similar devices at a cheaper price point

This product’s quality does meet what you would expect given this company’s reputation for excellence.


The Fluke MicroMapper is a great tool for testers who need to check their installed cables. It’s easy and quick, with the ability of being able to test up 100 meters (or 200 pair). Some users have reported that it can be inconsistent or expensive depending on how much you use this product.

Alternatives to the MicroMapper include Klein Tools’ VDV Scout Pro, which has more options than its counterpart and costs about as much. Other people seem happy with an older LanRoverTP500 though it’s harder for them nowadays since supplies have run low on these quality tools.