Fluke T5 1000 Review

With a durable housing and easy-to-read dial, this all in one device will help you measure voltage or current easily. From 100A continuous duty up to 2000V peak force–the Fluke T5 1000 has got your back. It can also tell whether there’s resistance closing off the flow of electricity by measuring both conductivity (ohm) and insulation levels between two points on an electrical wire together, called “resistance.”
The Fluke multimeters are some of the best in their class but don’t get fooled by cheaper alternatives. The unbranded ones can be inaccurate and dangerous, so make sure you buy from an established brand.
Very good for general, high-voltage work.

Key Features

● Measures AC/DC volts to 1000V automatically
● Open Jaw™ design measures current to 100A
● Extra Slim Reach™ probes
● Tidy probe storage
● Auto sleep
● Size: 8″ (203mm) x 2″ (51mm) x 1.2″ (30mm)
● Weight: 10.6oz (300g)

In-depth Review of the Fluke T5-1000

In-depth Review of the Fluke T5-1000

Fluke T5-1000 Electrical Tester,Small

Reasons To Buy


AC amperage

CAT-IV rated

Great price for a Fluke

Good battery power


Reasons To Avoid

Low resolution

No backlight

No capacitance or frequency ranges

The Fluke T5 1000 is a simple and easy to use measuring instrument that offers just four positions. It’s full auto-ranging, so all you have to do is select the appropriate setting, and wait for results with an open mouth current measurement case.

The T5-1000 offers versatility with its ability to measure voltages up to 1000V for both AC and DC and manage CAT III conditions. It does this through just one position, which displays results appropriately to quickly know if your instrument requires protection or not.

The amperage on the front of your car is difficult to measure with a traditional amp clamp meter, but it can be done. To get an estimate, you should consider how powerful or precise that particular tool may seem in comparison.”

The device has most of what you need, and it’s easy to use, but sometimes handling this particular scale can be awkward because the weight must rest on just two tiny feet. The probe holder does help somewhat with balancing issues, though.

Kit forms of the T5: The holster lets you clip the device to your belt, which is excellent for better-storing test leads. The T5-H5 kit also includes a non-contact voltage stick and remote temperature sensing unit and all of them are compatible with one another.


The Fluke T5 1000 is an impressive alternative to the traditional Fluke multimeter. It does not have auto-ranging and continuity, but its battery life makes up for it, with two AAs able to supply 300-400 hours of usage! A low icon indicates that you should change out your batteries soon; otherwise, they will die on screen before long (if there isn’t enough juice). Sleep mode also helps preserve power while we wait…and data holds the freezing option, so nothing goes unnoticed.”

Build Quality

The Fluke ruggedized 1000V wireless units are built to last, with an easy fit in the palm of your hand and trademark tough yellow case. It also comes equipped with detachable ‘SlimReach’ probe tips for a perfect fit for any situation or task.

Third hand: When I got this electrician, he had a T5, and it was immediately apparent that they were missing an essential tool. The lead holder is just one example of how well thought out these Pros are! It doesn’t have any hangers or metal at the back to help hold onto your probe when testing but makes up for its lack in design by providing you with two snug parts instead of three awkward ones–the perfect solution if what we need is someone who knows their stuff.

Display: The display on this small, lightweight tool is quite primary and not backlit. Resolution is also limited, but again, we aren’t looking for precision in our measurements as it’s designed to be more of an easy-to-use affair where you get all icons, so you will know what criteria are being measured – e.i AC/DC volts or even just battery strength indicator lights.


If you need to know the amperage of your circuits, this isn’t going to be an accurate measure for them. The Fluke Tester 1000 can still protect itself from high voltage surges, but it won’t display how much current is running through its wiring as other testers do; instead, there’s a red LED light that will come on when exposed parts reach CAT III or IV levels (depending upon which type).


The Fluke T5-1000 is a volt/ammeter combo used for general purposes. It has many safety features which make it great to use, but some might find the size bulky and hard on their hands when testing higher currents or checking DC amperage levels in motors; however, this doesn’t take away from how well designed everything was inside.

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