How Do You Pronounce Multimeter?

Without an app that includes a British English accent and how-to pronunciation guide, you’re probably left-clicking on YouTube or Wikipedia. But have you ever wondered the proper way to say “Multimeter? In this blog post we will discuss about how do you pronounce multimeter.

How Do You Pronounce Multimeter

Many people spend their time trying out different pronunciations for unfamiliar words when they could ask Google about it.

In short, a multimeter is pronounced as mul-ti-me-ter / multimee-ter.

Interesting Argument

When an argument starts online, it can quickly spread and affect people across different countries. This is precisely what happened in this case when the man posted his thoughts on how he pronounced “multimeter“, which meant that they were arguing over something small but became prominent because of context (a technicality). However, the woman then found YouTube videos with people saying ‘mul tim i ter,’ meaning altitude register or perhaps even more appropriate for our current topic – calorie counter.
This received so many mixed reviews from other people in the forum. So, how exactly is the word pronounced?

Past Theory

You might be wondering how to pronounce “Multimeter“. If you look at its beginning, it will become much easier for you.

To understand this word properly and get an accurate grasp on where all these sounds come from in your mouth when saying them out loud – or more importantly, writing them down-I recommend taking a quick trip back through time...

Origin Source

Differential and single-scale meters are most often used for measurements on individual instruments. However, a multimeter is what you get when combined into one device that can do more than measure voltage or current – it also tells us how much stress an instrument has been under.


The differences in pronunciation between the thermometer, barometer and other electrical units are most likely due to a consonant sound from British English before the ‘meter’ component. This can be seen with galvanometers with distinctive sounds, unlike any other measurement equipment.”

Cambridge Dictionary Explanation

According to The Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary, “Multimeter” is a combination of “multi” and ‘meter’. To be more specific, you can see how it’s spelt in print with an audio pronunciation also included for good measure. You might take some time looking at this British English transcript here:/ˈmʌl.tiˌmiː.tər/

Another Explanation

The word “multimeter” comprises two words: “multi” and meter. Pronounce them to get a Multimeter.


Except for a few words in English that end with consonant sounds combined with vowel noises, mul-ti-mee-ter / multimeter is one word you will want to avoid trying out. The pronunciation for this meter needs quite some practice because it has two different mutes at times, which can make things difficult when learning how to say them aloud correctly.

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