Siglent Technologies SDM3045X Multimeter Review

Have you ever considered purchasing a bench multimeter instead of the more common handheld variety? A suitable quality device will offer many features and a better display. The Siglent SDM3045X multimeter is an excellent 4½ digit model with an accuracy of 0 .02%. We’ll tell you what our experience was like after using it for a while.
For those who do any electronic work, you’ll likely have at least one multimeter. You can buy them for 10 euros, but if durability and accuracy matter most, the price quickly goes up to a few hundred dollars or more depending on how much time is spent working in technical fields like mine (electronics). The last thing I want when using my device is for something to go wrong because there are cheaper options available.
After decades of faithful service, my old multimeter finally gave out. It was replaced with a better version with two displays and greater accuracy than before; I’ve been delighted by this improvement. When the opportunity arose to test Siglent’s bench-version on their handheld tools to compare them side by themselves–I knew right away how much more expensive these things are and considered worth every penny if only for ease of use.

Key Features

● Allows you to monitor readings within defined parameters; an alarm/beep will sound if readings are out of range

● Shows statistics Avg/Max/min/Span/Samples

● Display Functions: Histogram, Trend Chart, Bar Chart, Statistics, Dual Display, Hold Measurements, dBm Hold Measurement.

● Real 4½ digit (60000 counts) resolution

● Up to 150 rdgs/s speed

● True-RMS Voltage and AC Current measuring

● 1 Gb NAND flash size, Mass storage files and data files

● Built-in cold terminal compensation 

● Easy, convenient and flexible PC software

● USB Device, USB Host, LAN

● USB & LAN remote interfaces support a common SCPI command set. 

● Compatible with other popular DMMs on the market

Siglent Technologies SDM3045X Multimeter 

Siglent Technologies SDM3045X Multimeter 


Easy to Use

Measure Accurately

True RMS

High-resolution color TFT-LCD display

voltage measurements at 100kHz

Can do 150 readings per second.

Excellent 4½ digit model


leads for the four-wire resistance test are not included

Little Castle


Siglent’s latest offering in the world of the multimeter is their most miniature bench model, with an affordable price tag and accurate measurements to match. This means that you will be able to find out just about anything about your vehicle without having any difficulties or worries.
The durable metal enclosure makes this device perfect for any professional who needs an accurate signal generator. With plastic protection bumpers on each corner, you’ll never have to worry about damage during transport or storage! The front of the meter can be tilted up at various angles so that its measurements will always come in clear view without having too high a profile when selfie-taking isn’t part of your workflow but just something else thought-provoking 😉


The 4.3″ (480 x 272) high-resolution color TFT-LCD display on the SDM3045X multimeter makes it an excellent tool for professionals looking to monitor their work climate easily and quickly with precise readings that can be seen from across the room or outside if there are no glasses involved! It also has many interfaces, including a USB device connection which allows users easy access when troubleshooting hardware problems; plus LAN interface supports the SCPI command set, so you’ll never get lost during maintenance operations again, thanks to this handy dandy machine.

Measurement features

The SDM3045X is a high-end multimeter with all the functions of your standard handheld meter: voltage and current ranges, resistance (with an option to measure diode/continuity), capacitance frequency dB(m), temperature or auto-ranging. It also enables two measurements at once like AC voltage plus frequency which can be seen by using its large display screen max 66000 counts with accuracy up 0 2%. This does 150 readings per second.

The versatile function of this meter is unparalleled. With so many options available, it’s hard to find a limit on what you can test with just one device! For example, suppose your circuit needs an input impedance between 10 MΩ and GIGANTIC values at 0 volts or 4V. In that case, there are no limits on how precise measurements must be made when using our 600 mV rangefinder, which includes diode tests.

Multimeter in practice

The Mains-powered SDM3045X is the perfect lab workhorse for anyone who often uses their meter at one location. It comes with an attached power cord, so you can place it anywhere in your facility without worrying about running out of outlets! If we’re being honest, this thing probably won’t budge off our bench more than once every few months.”
The 3045X is an improvement over the handheld DMM in every way. The pushbuttons are much easier to use, and because it’s mounted on a stand, you can quickly check your readings without risking any spills or contamination that could mess up one of these sensitive devices.
With so many configuration options and a computerized interface, it can take time before you’re used to using your multimeter. Once started up, though, there’s no comparison between this device and any other type of handheld meter as far as functionality is concerned: big clear display with all imaginable features; accuracy thanks in part to its extensive frequency range, which extends down into AC voltage measurements at 100kHz+.


The SDM3045X offers more accuracy than its cheaper sibling, but it’s also much louder and requires an additional digit to turn on. If you need greater precision, the expensive-sounding 3055 would be worth considering as it has a fan which can get distracting in some settings- though this does mean that there is no risk whatsoever of measurement results being inaccurate due to either sound or any other reason! The software provided with these multimeters has been designed specifically for logging measurements so all your data will stay organized at home or during fieldwork: I barely even took my handheld device out from its storage case once before realizing how helpful these instruments were when used correctly.


The SDM3045X is an excellent multimeter that will be an excellent companion for professional and hobby workbenches. It has more features than most handheld devices, making it easier to operate while providing accurate readings with less trouble; plus, you get all this information explained in the manual.

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